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3/4 of original Sperlings to play at Carl's record release party.

Carl, Rob & James to perform Sperlings classics as well as Carl solo material at Carl's house 4.24.04. Also in the band are Christopher Wilson (guitar) and Alex Shivelhood (keys). Come on by!!


www.CarlSandin.com launched

Carl's own site www.CarlSandin.com has been launched. It's a bit under construction, so watch for updates.


Sperlings.com revived!

After a several year absence sperlings.com is revived, initally as a historical look back, but also to be a portal to connect to the former members new projects, as well as a way to publicise a planned CD of demos and outtakes. Stay tuned.

The site here is the 1998 vintage site, at the moment I don't have the "Green Manilow" era site, which may be lost. There is also an earlier site, which I hope to make available here as well. Carl


James Stone, Professional Law-Talkin’ Guy

James Stone, the drummer for the Sperlings since their debut in 1996, has left the band to pursue a law degree (while teaching junior high school full time.) The Sperlings wish him great success in his endeavors. The remaining three now begin an arduous search for a new skinsman, a purveyor of the paradiddle. Who will fill the void, who will accept the challenge to keep Carl, Mike and Rob playing at a steady tempo, and strictly to four beats per measure? What chaos shall ensue as the drum throne sits empty? More details as the search commences.


Sperlings Rock, Hobart Speaks

The Sperlings barreled through a set of all-new tunes at the Mausoleum Friday 9.4. Those in attendance were complimentary of the virgin offerings, despite their ill-rehearsed presentation. A repeat performance was planned for Rudz the following weekend, but a mighty flood lead to an unfortunate cancellation. Besides, that clown McQuire was playing against the Astros, who would have even shown up? GO BIG RED! The band has yet to warm up the mixing board at Bronze Beagle Studio One, but recording should begin soon.

Local music editor Hobart Rowland recently spoke to Carl and filed this brief report in the 9.17 edition of the Houston Press:

Gluttons for punishment... Those wishing the Sperlings would take their garage-pop toys and go home are in for a rude awakening: After a brief hiatus, the band is back, its creative neurons refiring at a a rapid clip. Long the whipping boys for the local alternative media, they christened their unlikely re-emergence early this month with a pair of modestly attended live appearances at the the Mausoleum (September 4) and Rudz! (September 11). ed. Note: cancelled, see above, like Hobart was even there…

With a few gigs out of the way, the Sperlings are now spending their free time at Bronze Beagle Studios (also the home of Sandin) working on the follow-up to last year's Sea of Sarcasm CD. Titled Green Manilow, it ought be out early next year. At the very least, it's got my vote for best album title of '99.

Thanks for the acknowledgement, and keep putting our name in the paper!


Rob finally updates website

Today rob finally got around to updating the website. Since the last report, the Sperlings have played a few shows, including opening for now-Buzz-upstarts Fastball, opening the Jinkies farewell show and a stellar promo gig at the Sam Goody in Deerbrook mall (photos are forthcoming.) Houston's pop darlings have also started rehearsing for a new album, to be recorded this summer. The plan this time around is to record a large amount of material and have many cuts to choose from for the final release. The album will not be completed until sometime in 1999, as the group wishes to spend a lot of time on it and produce a true DIY masterpiece.



CD Release Show a Success 

The CD's arrived, Mike got a new guitar and Rob finshed making the big lighted "S" sign all in time for Saturday's show. The Orphans had to cancel, unfortunately, but punk act  the Sulkies filled in nicely. Sad Pygmy played the middle slot, harshing the aud's mellow with their psychodelic sounds and C-Dog's disturbing headgear. The Sperlings took the stage shortly after midnight. Elsewhere, Eric Clapton was "letting it all hang out." The set consisted of mostly new tunes from S.O.S. and a few older songs mixed in. Several frothing fans danced through most of the set, which made for an enjoyable performance. 


Sea of Sarcasm completed! 
From basic tracks to mixdowns and  packaging design, the creation of Sea of Sarcasm has been an arduous process. The results, however, will certainly be worth it. The group has strived for a wider variety of sounds and textures, which will separate this release 
from Glidepath to Normalcy's straight-ahead sound. Release is scheduled for September 27, the date of the SOS release party at Instant Karma. All who attend will 
recieve a free copy, so don't miss it!



"Sea of Sarcasm" nears completion: 
The Sperling's sophomore album is in the final stages of recording at Bronze Beagle Studio One. It will contain 13 tracks: 12 originals and a cover of George Harrison's "Art of Dying." The official release is planned for Sept. 27, 1997. This follows hot on the heels of the Sperling's debut release "Glidepath to Normalcy." A new album so quickly? Carl agrees, " They haven't finished ignoring our first CD yet..." but the Sperlings sally forth, regardless. 

Sperlings pay homage to Talking Heads 
The Sperlings have recently participated in the
Talking Heads Covertape Project
The Sperlings contributed a cover of "City of Dreams" and Rob did a solo cover 
of "Memories Can't Wait." The covertape should be available at the end of July.






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