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The Sperlings formed in the spring of 1996 after The Walk-Ins, featuring Carl Sandin on bass, broke up. With the primary goal of giving life to the abundant catalog of songs by Carl and singer-guitarist Mike Fuller, an ad was placed in Public News to find a drummer and a second guitarist. That search first yielded drummer James Stone, a veteran of several bands in Houston and his native Aimes, Iowa (Total Passover, Yee-Haw, the Dorks.)

The trio started recording in Carl's home studio, dubbed Bronze Beagle Studio One, which was broken in recording Carl's solo album "Butterscotch and Caramel." With the breakup of local ska dilettantes John Q Public, guitarist Rob Smith was available to complete the quartet. "Glidepath to Normalcy" was completed shortly thereafter, and the Sperlings began playing live shows in clubs all over Houston.

Almost immediately, the group began rehearsing and recording songs for a second album, which was released in September, 1997. The Sperlings continued playing live and preparing to record a third release, promising to offer more songs and a greater breadth of sounds. Tapping into Mike's vast collection of home-recorded demos, and including more of Carl and Rob's material.

After a line up change, with the unrelated Bruce Stone replacing James Stone on drums, the band worked for a long period of time on their third album, Green Manilow, which was released in early 2001. A Mike-less version of the band played the final Sperlings show after being nominated for best Pop-Rock Band by the Houston Press in the spring of 2001. Carl has plans to assemble outakes and demos into an album titled "Keep Your Hands Off My Monkey Supply". Carl's fourth solo album, featuring Rob on guitar, Josh Berry on drums, and with James Stone helping with the recording, is to be released in early 2004. See





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